Presentation of the project
for the realization of my father’s tomb

A small thank you for all you have done for us

Dear Dad,
After more than a year since your departure to the sky, thinking of you, to the
person you were, to the husband, father and grandfather, I asked myself: "How
 can I depict and describe the influence your life had on us?"
I can think of a flower, not common, special, with something different, with the qualities that well represent you and the road and you walked along
between us...

I do not know, but immediately a word resounded in my mind, a word that is often heard: PASSION, so sublimely represented by the PASSIFLORA, a
flower with inside the signs of the passion of Christ.
 Already as a young man you had to take on your shoulders a cross too
heavy for an eighteen-year-old boy with all his life full of projects ahead; 
but you didn’t back down, a step at a time you started this
uphill path.

You were told that in a few decades you would end up in a chair
wheels, it was better not to have a family, do not have children, you would have been a
You did not listen... you did not give up... 
Such as the passion flower holds on to what is around to grow, you
held on at once to that Cross and the first beautiful flower, which
represents you, was born.

Shortly after you met the half that completed you, you did not hesitate to
begin the new journey together, here's another beautiful flower, Mum.
 Immediately you said yes to life, just you said that life is beautiful and worth 
living well, here are the six buds, your children.

These buds look at you, because for us you have always been the point of
reference for when we needed words of comfort, advice, a
person ready to listen, help...

Who knows how many times, you too, in your quiet acceptance of what the
life challenged you to accept, certainly needed 
comfort, a word, consolation...

That's why, for every time, I imagined Jesus taking off a hand from the
 Cross to comfort you with a caress in those many hard times that life put before you; just like you used to do to us with those big hands, but weak, sick and unable to do the many things that normally dads do,
 but equally strong, welcoming, reassuring, warm, loving... but now
distant, regretted and desired.

Thanks Dad
Everything passes, your love remains

31/12/2015 Renzo


Making passiflora with utilization of embossed copper sheet, welded with alloy, silver plated petals, branch, buds and leaves were process whit same acid for obtain the green colour



The cross is obteined in one piece from a copper sheet 12 mm and wrought on anvil for give the curvature and the movement of set about for caress the flower on the knees



Making scroll obteined from a embossed copper sheet 8/10 mm using the antique tecnique of the pitch



The stuctural box making with a stainless steel sheet 5 mm and a girose copper upper molding like a “S“ the first letter of Salvatore and welded wiyh alloy



The aseembly through stainless steel threaded rods anchored at the natural stones whit chemical resin and welded on the box



Placement in Marcheno’s cemetery in Brescia country with collaboration of the whole family for this very important circumstance